Postgraduates Scholarship Application

Applications are now open for the 2019-2020 Excellency Postgraduates Scholarships for Masters, MBA and PHD Programs at Yesbud University.

Looking for postgraduate Scholarship? Yesbud University is delighted to offer Excellency Postgraduates Scholarships to the eligible local and international candidates.

Excellency Postgraduate Scholarship is open to Distance students who want to study Masters, MBA and PHD programs offered at Yesbud University for the 2019-2020 academic sessions.

Yesbud will apply a number of criteria including academic merit, need and the potential to contribute to African’s future prosperity, to determine which applicants are deserving of the scholarship.

We are looking for future leaders in their fields and therefore demonstrable leadership qualities are important. The past achievements of the applicant, present commitment to further study, as well as their future plans, will be assessed in relation to how that will contribute to the development of Africa.

Applicants should have a minimum of a good First or Second-Class undergraduate degree and excellent references. Applicants with a first class degree will have a distinct advantage.  All applicants need to articulate how they intend to put their scholarship into action and how the course will enable them to make an enhanced contribution to their community or country. Yesbud favours applications where there is a demonstrable continuity between an applicant’s work experience, past study and their proposed course of study. Applicants will be asked to demonstrate how they have developed their leadership skills in the workplace, academia or in their personal life. Priority will be given to those who can describe occasions in which they have used their skills to build strategic relationships and networks, support peers and mentor others, and/or deliver results that have led to innovation and change. Yesbud also favours applicants who most clearly show a desire to be part of and to contribute to the future prosperity of Africa.

The application form matters and should demonstrate a good command of English and answer all of the questions properly and completely 

Why you should apply at this University?

Yesbud University serves many opportunities to develop a broad range of skills, grow in confidence and learn more about yourself. It is an excellent choice for a postgraduate education with prospects. It has provided the students with world-class teaching since inception.

Scholarship Description:

Course Level: Scholarship is open to study the postgraduate degree program

Scholarship Award: The scholarship will be awarded 75%

Nationality: Students with any nationality are eligible to apply for the scholarship

Scholarship can be taken in India or Zambia


  • Excellence Postgraduates Scholarships Award values 75% tuition fees
    • Award duration: One academic year
    • Nationalities accepted: All African Countries
  • Programs-specific scholarships
    • All nine Faculty Available at Yesbud University
      • Award values: 75% of tuition fees
      • Award duration: One academic year
      • Eligible Programmes:
        • All Masters offered
        • All MBA offered
        • PHD offered
        • Nationalities accepted: All African  Countries

Eligibility for the Scholarship

Eligible Countries: All African Countries

Eligible Programs:

The scholarship will be awarded to pursue a postgraduate degree programs offered at Yesbud University.

Eligibility Criteria:

To be eligible for the scholarship, the applicants must meet all the admission requirements. Application is open exclusively to candidates who:

  1. Possess qualifications for admission at Yesbud University to study Masters, MBA and PHD Programs.
  2. meet the admission requirements for the chosen degree Program or will meet such requirements at the time of registration;
  3. have not already benefited from the Excellency Postgraduates Scholarships

Career Path:

By studying a postgraduate degree you can prepare yourself for many different career paths. You can find employment in the public sector, education, journalism, business, and non-governmental organizations, both nationally and internationally.


  • The online application form is of primary importance as it serves as the basis for assessment. The online application form can be found on the Yesbud University website. Applicants will find full instructions online when they start a new form. It is their responsibility to ensure that their application is complete and accurate before submitting the application online.
  • All sections of the form need to be complete before the system will allow the application form to be submitted.
  • Information can be saved and the application form edited until the applicant chooses to submit.
  • All applicants are required to submit the following supporting documentation: Certified copy of undergraduate degree certificate, if available, Certified academic transcripts, Reference letters from two referees, ID document (The following are acceptable: Passport, Birth Certificate, Driver’s License), Proof of refugee status, if applicable.
  • Ideally, applicants should submit an academic reference (preferably from their current supervisor) and a reference from an employer.
  • Applicants should ask their referees to write a reference that relates to their application for this scholarship.
  • It should outline their strengths as an applicant, demonstrate their capacity to study at the level required.



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